WISE is the native farming token for WiseAvax Finance.
Ticker: $WISE
Contract address: 0xb86688EB60BE8C6Fc09aFCC32a9cf4b0B6DECffd
Chain: Avalanche Network
Maximum supply: 6300
Emissions: 0.009
Pre-minted WISE tokens:
  • 300 WISE will be pre-minted to provide initial liquidity, partnerships and project development.
  • Listing price: $50
  • Locked liquidity: LP tokens generated through providing initial liquidity will be locked with Rugdoc.
10% of WISE token emission rate commission will be minted and sent to the dev wallet. After covering marketing & partnership expenses, any WISE tokens remaining in the dev wallet will mostly be sent to the burn address.

Deposit fee distribution:

  • 70% of the deposit fees will be used for marketing
  • 15% of the deposit fees will be redistributed to WISE holders via dividends
  • 15% of the deposit fees will be rewarded to the team.
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